Beautiful Biryani Spice Mix
Beautiful Biryani Spice Mix
Beautiful Biryani Spice Mix

Beautiful Biryani Spice Mix

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The easiest way to enjoy a Biryani 

Create a delicious, traditional Biryani in no time at all. This 15g pack is enough for 400g of Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Prawns or Paneer. (Serves 2)

Recommended Recipe

300g Lamb
200g Tomatoes
180g Basmati Rice
2 Medium Onions
125ml Natural Yoghurt
25g Butter
½ Lemon (Juice)

• Parboil the rice with the lemon juice & salt to taste.
• Dice the onions & cook in some oil until golden brown.
• Add this sachet along with a splash of water. Mix well & cook for 2-3mins.
• Liquidise the tomatoes, dice the lamb & add both to the pan. Cook on medium heat until the meat is cooked through.
• Layer the rice & cooked lamb in an oven-proof dish.
• Melt the butter in a pan and add the yoghurt. Reduce for 2-3mins.
• Pour the yoghurt reduction on top of the layered biryani, cover with foil & bake for 20mins at 200°c

Spice Mix Ingredients:
Garlic, Ginger, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Garam Masala, Ground Cumin, Dried Fenugreek, Ground Cardamom, Ground Mace, Green Chillies, Dried Coriander, Salt.

Photo Credit: Vegetarian Biryani by @josie.florence